URBANA AVE is a comedic creative agency.

Production Reel:


We make TV shows, commercials, training videos, sketches, music videos, live events, tacos… you name it.

We make stuff for other people, and we make stuff for ourselves, and we could even help you make stuff. 

Our team is made up of of filmmakers, actors, and writers based in the Atlanta area.

We’ve created a specific method to help communicate whatever story, idea, or product that you have. And then we create funny content surrounding that story, idea, or product. 

we also teach courses in comedy and filmmaking, if you’re interested in that too.

From the top down, we can take your idea and make it effective and hilarious.

So go ahead and check out some of our videos, and then shoot us an email. We’d love to connect and help you make Some cool stuff.






PHONE: (470) 309-2244

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Q: Do you make original content or do you make content for other people?

A: Both. We make our own stuff, but we also make a lot of other stuff for other people.


Q: Can I hire you to make me a video?

A: Always. Let’s talk more about the details of what you need.


Q: If I hire you to make a video, does it have to be for a comedy video?

A: Nope. We are a comedic creative agency primarily, but we do a lot of “not funny” stuff too.


Q: If I hire you, do I have to pay you?

A: Yes, please.


Q: How much does it cost to make a video?

A: Each project varies based on scale, time, and resources. If you email us with more details about your project, we can get you a more accurate estimate.


Q: Are you willing to travel for projects?

A: Yep. We are based in the Atlanta area, but they actually have a pretty big airport here, so it makes it easy for us to travel.


Q: Do you do live events?

A: Yes. We do live comedy nights with standup and improv. And we also do live educational presentations.


Q: Can I hire you to do a live event?

A: Of course. We have educational presentations on the vocations of filmmaking, writing, and storytelling.
We also have presentations on comedy and how/why it works.
Or if you want to hire our improv team to make you laugh, we do that as well.
(email us for demos)


Q: Can I grab coffee with someone on your team?

A: Absolutely. Shoot us an email.


Still have questions? Feel free to email us. We look forward to hearing from you.